Here at Kauffman Brothers Motion Pictures, we aim for professionalism in everything we do.  We go beyond just video, and delve into many other areas of media & design, thus providing comprehensive advertising.  This includes websites, custom aerial photography and videography, graphic design, and photography for almost any occasion.   And with our flexible pricing, you're sure to get everything you need for the right price.













Our passion is to reach the world with Jesus and His principles in entertainment and design.  Some people think Christians can't make good art.  But think about it.  We take every detail in consideration: worldview, aesthetics, quality, and more in our projects.  We strive to do everything with the utmost quality because we are Christians.  “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.” Martin Luther













The family, and our world need good and wholesome entertainment that points them to Christ and Biblical principles.  All art forms need claimed for Jesus Christ, and done for His glory and in accordance with His principles.













With that in mind, here are the services we offer, the pricing, project guidelines, and, of course, a way to contact us.

Services & Pricing

Motion Pictures


  • Most video commercials starting at $500-$2000


  • 4K Cinematic Filming


  • 4K Aerial Videography


  • Video editing/Color Correction


  • Music - Stock or Custom

Responsive Website Development

  • Starting at $550 for a complete website - including desktop and phone versions!


  • $8/Month Basic Web Hosting


  • $15/Year Per Domain Name



  • Professional photography - starting at $79 for a session!


  • Aerial Drone Photography - Starting at $115 for two photos, or $150 for 5 photos


  • Free color correction
  • Free face blemish cleanup
  • Free digital files to download

This is all basic pricing.  It may be more or less depending on the project, and how many extra things you want done with your project.  And we are flexible in our pricing as well.  But just keep in mind that with every project we are here to help your dreams succeed!


*Travel is extra for all projects

Graphic Design-



$39 hour



Project Guidlines


Our projects don't have to be overtly Christian, but they cannot violate Biblical principles.  Here are a few examples of things that we will not accept in film projects.


Profanity/bad language


Two people kissing who are not married in real life


Music videos with objectionable content


Immodesty (i.e. low cut tops, shorts/skirts/dresses above the knee, clothes obviously too tight, etc.)


A focus on wickedness in a video, even if it is a Christian movie.  We should focus on what is true, honest, noble, right and pure.  That being said, we can show sin, just not show it in a good light or for too long.


And anything else that we find Biblically unacceptable.


- websites

- photography

- graphic design

- advertisements

- Aerial Imaging


- businesses

- events

- organizations

- real estate

- ministries

- individuals

- real estate

- ministries

- churches


- feature films

- commercials

- promotional videos

- how-to videos

- music videos


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